Scan on Demand Service Overview

When it comes to effective management and delivery of documents, scan on demand is one of the services that never fail to get mentioned. In the modern world, businesses are seeking ways of improving the way physical documents are delivered to them. This is coming at a period where space for storing physical files is becoming limited as office space becomes expensive. Keeping the physical document onsite is increasingly becoming more risky. The number of documents is constantly increasing as businesses diversify and spread their wings globally. These are some of the reasons that are inspiring business owners to invest in scan-on-demand services.records management storage


What is Scan-on-Demand Services?

Scan-on-demand is a revolutionary way of delivering physical records via an electronic system. The service provider stores the physical records in an offsite location or vault. This saves a business the need of keeping paper records at the office. A client or an authorised person in need of a document makes a request to the third party. Upon verifying the request the service provider scans the document and sends the scanned files electronically. In addition, the service also entails converting the files in a suitable format that can be accessed online. The service therefore serves two functions. One, stores the physical documents offsite. Two, offers the platform where the scanned documents can be delivered electronically.


Who Needs The Service?

box-storage-systemScan on demand has changed the way people view electronic document delivery. Besides offering safe storage it has also simplified the process. Some people who will find the service suitable include the following:

– Companies whose employees are usually located in remote locations, or run several remote branches.

– Businesses that wish to access the files easily and also wish the same for their clients.

– People who are conscious about disaster recovery also use the service to store the physical documents at different locations.

– Businesses that are running short of space for storing physical documents.

-Individuals who desire to have a glimpse of a file before the actual file arrives. This helps in planning ahead.


What Are The Benefits?

There following are some of the key benefits of scan on demand service:

-Creates a centralized location for storing and retrieving files thereby improving record management.

-The records can be accessed from anywhere and at anytime through a secure system.

-Only the required documents are scanned, and the scanning is done when necessary. This saves the cost and time of scanning unneeded records.

-Improves document handling, delivery and overall security.

-Helps a business free up space in the office resulting to more productivity and efficiency.


Looking at the issues pointed above it is evident that any modern business has more to gain from this kind of electronic delivery service. The delivery system has simplified the way physical documents reach the designated person. Accessing the documents or files has become more convenient and much easier. The records can be as accessed from any region of the globe as long as the person has proper authority. Anyone looking for advanced solution in regard to delivering physical records electronically will find scan on demand service quite handy.

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4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Offsite-shredding

When talking about document destruction one term that is mentioned quite often is offsite-shredding. This is a process where the documents and files to be destroyed are taken to a different site and shredded. Traditionally, documents were shredded in-house using portable shredders. Destroying documents is always a sensitive issue. If poorly done there is a chance of confidential information being accessed by the wrong people? Lately, businesses are choosing offside instead of in-house shredding. Why so? Because this mode of shredding documents comes with the following advantages:


1. Fast Service

The first reason that should inspire you to consider offsite-shredding is quick service. This service is offered by specialist firms that have invested in the best shredding equipment in the industry. The third party doesn’t rely on the normal office shredder that shreds a document at a time. The industrial shredders will destroy pounds of paper in no time. In addition to the quick service, shredding offline helps a customer save precious time which can be utilised on other pressing issues or more profitable activities.


2. Environmentally Friendly

In recent times, environmental concerns have become a hot topic. People and organisations are getting worried about the rise in pollution and environmental destruction. Shredding which appears like a basic exercise also contributes to destroying the environment and polluting the environment. In a bid to minimise the damage, many offsite-shredding companies are going “Green.” They have adopted eco-friendly ways that destroy the documents but don’t release any harmful emissions or pollutants. The shredded material is also recycled and used to manufacture other products.


3. More Secure

Document destruction is not just matter of shredding piles of documents. It also concerns ensuring it is done ethically and in a secure manner. The last issue a records manager or custodian desires is dealing with cases of stolen identity, or documents being discovered at the wrong location. Reputable and competent offsite-shredding companies invest in secure systems. The shredders will destroy the documents to very small pieces that can’t be recovered. The people handling the tasks are also vetted to check their honesty and background a scrutinized.


4. Time and Cost Efficient

Businesses looking to save on time and money when destroying documents go for offsite-shredding. It takes a short time to destroy large quantities of documents. Only a few employees are needed when the documents are being taken to the site. It is normally the records custodian and records manager. The client also saves money that would have been used to purchase shredders. Also, since there are only a few shredders in the workplace, money that would have been used in regular service, maintenance and repairs can be put to better use.


Looking at the above advantages it is clear that shredding offsite has more benefits compared to in-house shredding. This especially applies to businesses that have many documents. It is fast and more convenient, it is more secure since the shredding firm is obligated to destroying everything, and also saves time and effort. Finding a service provider is much easier nowadays compared to earlier times. A client simply goes online and identifies an offsite-shredding company that is experienced, professional, and has good reputation.